most recent Tattersaints line-up



The Tattersaints began in 1999 with Freddy Raygun/GUITAR, VOICE,WORDS, KEYBOARD, TRUMPET; JoJo/DRUMS, & Rhonda/BASS--and have survived numerous line-up changes throughout the years, including:

Heath Dauberman/ DRUMS, SAMPLES, VARIOUS ELECTRONIC NOISE  (AfroChrist, DJ Testy Kool, FOMA, Nels Andrews, Sin Serenade, Fast Heart Mart)

 Jeffrey Richards/ GUITAR  (Hazeldine, Shine Cherries, Vic Chesnutt)

Chris Kitchen (Inner Parlors, Nels Andrews, AfroChrist, Fast Heart Mart) 

 Ben Harrison (aka Ben Action)/GUITAR (Inner Parlors, Nels Andrews, the Saddlesores, Dirt City Radio)

 Patrick Clark/BASS & STRINGS (Love Song, orchestral composer)

 & Rachel Heisler/BASS ( Dusted). 




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