Local IQ / December 13 2012 /by  Kevin HopperFreddy Raygun (aka - Mancle Anderson) is an enigma in the local music scene.  Equal parts Lou Reed, Randy Newman, Mark Mallman and Schoolhouse Rock!, Raygun and his plunky, flittering keyboards have a very classic Great American Songbook sensibility to them. But that isn’t what will catch listeners of Love Songs from the Edge. Rather, it is Raygun’s jocular approach and off-kilter melodies that stand out on his latest recording on his own Little Kiss imprint, which he co-owns with fellow recoding artist Heath Dauberman. But for all the humor and over-the-top song structures, there is a sprinkling of truth throughout the album’s 10 songs -- one of which is a rather creepy version of “Still Loving You.” Lyrics like “’cause what a hero needs/is a chance to slay the beast/if not two or three or four,” lend definite profundity to otherwise hokey lyrics like, “I heard that you went out West … you were going to be an actress/or maybe go into advertising, or something like that, but anyway.”For his Dec. 20 CD release party at Low Spirits, Raygun will be joined by Bebe La La and Dead On Dom, as well as Magician Tony Comito. As with anything that Raygun touches, the evening will most certainly be one part peculiar and two parts pleasure.”

— Local IQ

FREDDY RAYGUN 7/27/11 Kimo Theatre I adore Freddy Raygun and think the man is a local treasure and near-genius in one tall-drink-of-water package. His lyrics are inventive, playful with sharp jabs to the kidneys and pleasingly off kilter, all delivered in a deep almost talking croon like Lou Reed covering Leonard Cohen. And here was the moment I’ve waited a decade for: Freddy on a mellowed-with-age baby grand in a sumptuous hall.  The sound, the pitch, the was beautiful beyond words. That was worth the eight dollar cover alone..... I owe you big time, Kimo, for hosting Freddie at the baby grand. Now that I would attend on a regular basis.    ” - Captain America

Wig Wam Bam #96

Frontman Freddie Raygun on keys, guitar, vocals and arcane inspiration is a local treasure....”

— Local IQ

and a new eclectic outfit called Freddie Raygun [and the International Blacklist] (somewhere between Randy Newman and a young Tom Waits with a penchant for improvisation).”

— Albuquerque Journal

Keep your eyes and ears on local treasure Freddie Raygun sprinkling tunes with his Roland Keyboard stardust"         ”

— Local IQ

Our own Freddy Raygun ( the Tattersaints) opened on beautiful solo keyboards, pleasant, disarming, hush-a-bye/music-box melodies referencing Jim Morrison and maybe a frightened Lou Reed crouching naked in the corner, As frank and direct as an icepick to the forehead but much more pleasant……Freddy also had the recent honor of being yanked offstage next door at the Golden West which, knowing the caliber & taste of the owners for many years, was actually quite the compliment….”    ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam #65

 9/23/09 Blackbird Buvette The mercurial (in the best sense of the word) Freddy Raygun plays the best in piano bar music for the disenfranchised, framed in wry commentary and illustrated with biting lyrics. But the bite is like that of the Argentine vampire bat that lulls its bovine victims into serenity with slowly beating wings so that by the time the deed is done, no one but the bat is the wiser. In Raygun’s case however the audiencecomes away smarter with only a flesh wound.   His themes are ambiguous empathy not readily apparent, like those between West Texas, Santa Claus, hippies and Dentyne gum but work so good it makes me ache.   Toward the end of the too short set, Mr Raygun turned to some nicely done covers such as flash-in-the-pan Gerry Rafferty’s once ubiquitous Baker Street which in Freddie’s talented hands was lovelier than I’d ever imagined. The Freebird/Helpless/Blinded By the Light medley fit in a way that had me silently exclaiming “Of course! Why didn’t anyone think of that before!?    To my disappointment Freddy had to make way for the DJ slot at 10 pm. Perhaps it was for the best since with one more whiskey I would’ve been leaning on his piano, cigarette smoldering in an ashtray nearby and sloppily requesting lounge standards like Melancholy Baby over and over.  CAPTAIN AMERICA/ WIG WAM BAM #92/ sept 2009    ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam #92

These guys (and gal) were the classiest band we had the good fortune to see on a bill with us. Freddy has a very ‘Tom Waits’ type of vibe to him. There was an amazing cellist and violinist, and best of all, no drums! It was completely different from anything I had heard for the entire tour……I would love to see Freddy Raygun in Austin.  You guys would murder….” Touring band TOOF's blog  ”

— Toof Blog

This was my first time to Slate (conveniently located next to Pacheco Bail Bonds!) expressly for a solo set by local treasure Freddie Raygun.   And to make up for stupidly missing some recent Tattersaints shows, a rare commodity these days.....Mr. Raygun's songs might be mistaken for less than serious since they're rife with an understated wisecrack or two and sly observation but Freddie's no novelty act.  It's a treat to see keys used intelligently, not cheeseball Farfisa bleeps (which, don't get me wrong--I love).  Piano gets overlooked too often in most rock scenes but here it's the star.  Besides the man himself I mean.  I'm waiting impatiently for the day I can hear Freddie sit before a baby grand.” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam #90

and, in my opinion the star of this show, Freddy Raygun on electric piano, rolling his magic fingertips across the keys like a cross between Nick Hopkins, Leon Russell at his best and (Derek and the Dominoes) Bobby Whitlock, rolled into one Dexatrim/Quaalude Kabuki carnival. And yes, that means he was good.“ ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam BAM #73

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