“My first contact with a group who would later form the nucleus of Little Kiss Records was a Tattersaints show at the old Sprockets across from UNM. Smart indie-rock that’s remotely twang and pleasingly off-kilter, the ‘saints were a favorite unsung local band. Although the music is solid, the band has been touch and go over the years: now you see them, now you don’t. The latest Tatttersaints incarnation will be found opening a benefit for Serendipity Daycare on Feb.23 [at the Launchpad]. As if the cause wasn’t good enough to get you out the door early, their set is icing on the cake. Frontman Freddie Raygun on keys, guitar, vocals and arcane inspiration is a local treasure….”  Local IQ/Feb. 22-March 7 2007  ”

— Local IQ

Review of the 2002 release The Donkey and the Time Machine: “It’s a rarity when an Albuquerque band releases and album with such imagination and experimentation right out of the gates. It’s a rare occasion, that is, when it actually falls right into place and goes beyond being an album that’s just imagination and experimentation and becomes a collection of good songs. “The Donkey and the Time Machine” (Little Kiss records) by the Tattersaints travels sonically across the entire musical spectrum to include programmed synth beats, blasts of guitar distortion, scattershot drum tantrums, delicate piano plinks and vocals that range for plaintive to car-wreck like….they turn our some of the oddest and most charming sounds this reviewer has heard form a local act in a long time.”   ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL/Aug.9, 2002    ”

— Albuquerque Journal

Opening for Pere Ubu at the LAUNCHPAD:“our own chameleon-like Tattersaints kicked things off in fine form, reminding me of Lou Reed backed by Wayne/Jayne County and his/her Backstreet Boys circa 1974.……”        ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam

From the explosive opener, it becomes abundantly clear that not only are Burque’s darling Tattersaints back, they’re here to show some of their contemporaries how its done. If Burque had a local chapter of Post Rock Pioneers, the Tattersaints would be at the helm. Culling influences from David Bowie and Lou Reed wrapped with traces of Neu!, The Tattersaints have carved their own mixture of psycho-sexy 70s rock and 80s postmodern. Anthematic cuts such as Tender Moment and Those Were the Days commingle with highly effective experimental numbers like Hear this One and Stop Stop. A cover of Eno’s Third Uncle would fit in with the scheme of things nicely . This*is*rock*n’roll. While this many fabled genre has undergone a variety of facelifts in the past 50 years, the Tattersaints seem to understand what made it so cool in the first place. Donkey is as refreshing as any of your favorite rock records and much more. MONKEY WRENCH magazine  ”

— Monkey Wrench Magazine

 Review of Donkey and the Time Machine:  “Good clean fun and a band of talented idiosyncratic musicians make this disc one to pop into the player when you’re ready to enjoy yourself rather than rue-the-day-she-left-you love songs. It ain’t all grins and lollipops but ya cant help buy feel better after giving this a listen or three. A soundtrack for a skewed picnic, a disjointed parade or a psycho carnival without the mind-altering substances. These guys’ minds is altered enough…..” Captain America /WIG WAM BAM    ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam

THE DONKEY AND THE TIME MACHINE made assistant music editor Rachel Heisler’s top ten list for best albums of 2002 in THE WEEKLY ALIBI (local and national acts included) . It also made MONKEY WRENCH ’s top ten local albums of 2002.

Review of the 2000 release LOW ORBIT: “Low Orbit kicks off right away with the rock and doesn’t let go but veers towards a little twang core territory tempered with new wave and god knows what else…..Andrea Merkx (Alarm Clocks, TNA, Shanghai Testarosa) guests on a number or two as well as Jeffery Richards (Bright Carvers, Hazeldine, and well I lost count)……I just listened to Low Orbit for the third time today and the only question remaining is, why in heavens name haven’t I gotten out to see them more than once?  I am about to wear out my copy of Low Orbit….”  ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam #25

…..like many other bands that played the Fall Crawl, like the Shins, Cole Raison and the Tattersaints, to name a few, [they] will represent Albuquerque well. They also prove Albuquerque is a city full of musical talent…..“ Albuquerque Journal  ”

— Albuquerque Journal

 Review of early demo: “I played both sides of this 5 song demo three times in a row! It vaguely reminds me of one of my obscure favorites--Larry Livermore’s (ex-Lookouts, honcho of Lookout! Records) 1995 one-off band the Potatomen but more fleshed out….” Captain America/WIG WAM BAM Issue #9    ” - Captain America

— Wig Wam Bam #9

“……you can say you were one of the first to catch three of the best new Albuquerque bands: Hug, Split Lip Rayfield (sic) and the Tattersaints. All of them fall in the alt country/rock category. Be there now; gloat about it in the summer…”   Albuquerque Journal      ”

— Albuquerque Journal

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